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live blackjack screensLive blackjack is just like online blackjack, the classic card game where players aim to get 21. However, a live blackjack dealer and competing against real players make live blackjack one of the most exciting casino games around.

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Nice site people. I have joined several places now and really enjoy the element of live blackjack. Maybe it's me but i feel it offers more integrity to the video blackjack that casinos also offer

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History of live blackjack

screenshotBlackjack – also known as 21 – started life in Europe over 400 years ago, and soon became popular in glamorous gambling hotspots such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. With the birth of the internet came online blackjack, letting fans play from their own homes. However, many felt the single-player gameplay and computerised dealer were putting a dampener on things; as a result, live blackjack was born, combining the thrill of real-time gaming with the convenience of an online casino.

Live Dealers

Playing blackjack with a live dealer is very similar to playing at a casino, watch the dealer and listen to their actions as they control the flow of the game. Unlike a flat online game you can't pause the action and games will go ahead without you, so you have to keep your eyes on the screen and monitor the gameplay. Dealers will be swopped at regular intervals, which will give you a chance to grab a coffee or take a break yourself. Unlike a live game you won't be able to interact with the other players and your annonymity is assured, at present there are no live blackjack platforms where the dealer can see you through a webcam.